Top 5 Cool Whatsapp Tricks to Become a Whatsapp Geek

Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most used and best instant messenger for all mobile users. It is so popular that it is available for every mobile platform like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and Blackberry. It is also the most used app across the web. All you should have data connection in your device to send unlimited messages to any user on the web. You can send audio, text, images videos etc. If you are an active user who always updates their whatsapp status on love, check these awesome tips and tricks out to become a Whatsapp guru. The popularity and fame of Whatsapp has tremendously been grown. We have got many requests from our readers regarding tricks and tips that are still unknown.

Whatsapp Tips & Tricks

Since Facebook owned Whatsapp for $16 billion, Whatsapp has become the most popular messaging tool. It is designed to be as straightforward and simple to use as possible. Here are some of the secret features and tricks that most new users don’t know. Let’s discuss some of the best features of this social messaging app.

Turn off “Last Seen” Timestamp

Don’t you want anyone to know when you were last seen on Whatsapp? Want to keep your Whatsapp usage hidden from your partner? Whatsapp allows users to disable your last seen label. All you need to go to “Account” and “Privacy” on app menu on Android and Settings tab on iPhone. Disable this timestamp on your account. Keep in mind that you will no longer be able to see it on other users. This way, you can hide your profile photo and current friendship status for Whatsapp from unknown numbers or anyone at once, if you wish. You can also disable read receipts notification from messages.

Whatsapp Tips & Tricks

Switch to Whatsapp Web

Recently Whatsapp has introduced a simple web interface where you can start your conversations from Firefox, Chrome or Opera browser. It was once available only for Android users. But now you can access this feature from any platform. All you have to go to Whatsapp menu on your Android device and choose Whatsapp Web option. Then you have to log on to where you have to scan the QR code and get your Whatsapp running. You can also get desktop notifications.

Get More Info on Messages

You may be busy talking to the people on the app but you don’t even realize that you can reveal more info about when your messages are seen and delivered. If you are running Whatsapp on iOS, all you have to swipe left on a specific chat entry to find out when the message was delivered and when it was read by the user.

The process is a bit more involved on Android devices but not much. You have to tap and hold on a specific message and then “Info” button to get the screen. To know actually how your friends are ignoring you, you may find out here.

Email Your Chats

You may perhaps want an archive in your Gmail account or to remind your friends about their early predictions on season sports. You can easily email your Whatsapp chats, no matter what the reasons are. Emojis are automatically embedded and you can easily add media files as attachments. Tap the menu button on Android, then More, Email Chat from the conversation. For iOS, you have to tap the top bar over the conversation and go for Email chat. The default email client opens up with message which is prepared already.

Mute Group Chats

In Whatsapp arsenal, group messaging is one of the best features to keep your friends together to start certain conversations. But you are often partially interested in group chats. Sometimes, notifications create noise and become annoying too much. Don’t worry! There is a mute feature that comes to the rescue. Tap group name on iOS or menu button on Android and choose Mute from group chat. Now you can block group notifications for one week, eight hours or whole year. You can allow Whatsapp to keep showing notifications on top bar on Android. But it won’t cause any audible alert or buzz. With this feature, the group notifications will no longer be annoying when you open mobile data.

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