Top 10 Whatsapp Tricks & Tips for iPhone

Around a billion people are using Whatsapp in this world to stay connected with friends, loved ones, colleagues and significant others. When most of us are heavy Whatsapp users, some people don’t just know about getting the most of this communication app. Keep reading to know how to do a lot on Whatsapp and make your life little easier.

Whatsapp Tricks & Tips for iPhone

Use Whatsapp Web on PC

Finally, it’s possible to use Whatsapp on your laptop or desktop. It is still nice, though it is not a well-known independent app. The desktop experience is limited to your browser and your phone should be around your PC and connected to the web. Log in to on your computer. Tap “Settings” icon and choose “Whatsapp web” option. Now scan QR code on the PC with your iPhone camera. Both devices will be synced and you can send messages through your PC.

Stop Auto-Downloading Media

I am sure you relate to at least one group where everyone shares photos and videos consistently. You really don’t care about most of them. By default, the problem is that Whatsapp downloads all the photos and videos automatically to your Gallery. Now your Photos app is loaded with videos and images you really don’t like. Finally Whatsapp has added option to stop the mess. Now you can disable auto-download and download only what you want.

Mute Group Chats and Conversations

So you have disabled auto-download on your iPhone, now you want to mute annoying group conversations. Just swipe left on the home screen of the app on conversation, tap “More” and “Mute”. You can choose between 1 week, 8 hours, or one year.

Share PDFs

Now you can use Whatsapp to share PDFs stored in iCloud account, or in cloud apps like Dropbox. The easiest way is to go to conversation, tap “Attach” icon and choose “Share Document”. Then choose the document and source. The PDFs can be sent to any conversation in several ways and to view the process.

Quick Reply through Notifications

The native notifications of iOS let you to reply to messages instantly in Whatsapp without even opening the app. When a notification appears on Lock screen, swipe left and tap on “Reply” option. It is really very useful when you get notification in other apps. Swipe down and you will find a text input area and Send button.

Check when a Message is Read and Delivered

While in conversation, Whatsapp shows blue ticks that notify that your message is read. What if you are looking for more details? Like when it was read and when it was delivered. What if you want to find out which of the members have read message? It is a bit hidden and quite easy.

Format Text as Italics, Bold or Strike through

Whatsapp is still rolling out this update across the world. But there are several users who have already the feature to format text.  In order to Bold text, just cover it with asterisks. For Italics, use underscores, and for strikethrough, use tilde.

Star Important Messages to Read Them Later

Since we use Whatsapp along the day, you may easily lose track of messages you need. This is why you need to use “Star” feature to mark messages you need to read later. Just press and hold on any message and choose “Star” option. Later on, choose “Starred Messages” from “Settings” to view these messages.

Change Conversation Theme

If you are bored with default wallpaper, you will be happy to know that you can change it to any theme you like. You can also choose from library of wallpapers of Whatsapp, any photo from Camera Roll or some solid colors. To change the background, select “Chats” from “Settings” and “Chat Wallpaper”. You can also preview wallpapers.

3D Touch for Instant Actions

If you have bought a whole new iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone 6s, you will be pleased to know that Whatsapp now supports 3D Touch and its features like Peek, Quick Actions, and Pop in the app. You can go through the conversation to view its contents. The same applies to the media. Quick Actions are the most useful feature. When you force touch the Whatsapp icon on home screen, it will directly take you to starred messages, take and send photo to someone. These shortcuts are excellent time savers.

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