Top 10 Whatsapp Tricks & Tips for Android

When it comes to excel in using new apps, there is always little bit of learning curve and Whatsapp is no exception. It is surprisingly a popular app and is very easy to get started. But it has a few quirks which are not obvious at first. People use Whatsapp for different purposes like sharing a Best Whatsapp status, chatting and sharing media. There are a few of the hidden features which are not easiest to enable. Here are the Whatsapp tips and tricks every Android user should know about.

Whatsapp Tricks & Tips Android

Hide Your “Last Seen” on Whatsapp

The “Last Seen” timestamp is one of the most annoying features on Whatsapp. Though iOS users can easily hide their last seen with Advanced Settings, no such feature was available till date for Android users. Nevertheless, Android is synonymous to changes. Now you can hide your “Last Seen” on your Android device.

Extend Your Free Trial Period of Whatsapp

You can extend trial period of your Whatsapp on both Android and PC without paying anything. Generally, Whatsapp is available with 1 year of free trial period, after that you have to pay $1 for one year. But once the trial period is over, all you need to delete your account and uninstall the app from your device. Then install it again from Google Play store. Create your new account with same number and continue using Whatsapp.

Create Fake Conversation

Have something naughty in your mind to play prank with your friend? You must be thinking of an idea to create fake conversation that has never done? Now you can make your own conversations and share them on Facebook with friends and see how they react with it. For this, you need to download a third-party app in which you can change the chat background, insert the profile picture of your target and just tap the space. And change the date and time of chat by just holding on the timestamp.

Hide Your Profile Picture

If you don’t like to share your Profile pic with your friends, you can just hide it. Download the latest version or upgrade your Whatsapp to get this feature. In order to hide your profile picture, go to “Settings”, then “Account Privacy” and choose “Profile Photo”. If you want to hide your picture from everyone, choose “Nobody” option.

Shift Your Conversations to a New Device

If you have bought a new phone and you want to move all of your messages, conversations and all your data to your new device, you can do it with ease. You have to install it again on your new device and verify your number again. But before installing Whatsapp on your new smartphone, copy the Whatsapp folder from File Manager to your system and transfer it to your new phone at the same destination.  Make sure that both the phones have same OS. Install your new app on your new device. Then you will see all the messages or conversations to your new device.

Archive Your Chats

This way, you can hide conversation from Chats screen. Neither it back up the chat to SD card nor it deletes the chat. It just organizes conversations. You can archive individual chats or groups and they will disappear until it is pulled down from the top and tap the Archived Chats tab.

Hide Blue Ticks

In order to prevent other users to see blue ticks on your messages when you want to read their message, you can do the trick. Before opening the message, set your phone into airplane mode. Open the message and come out. Now you can turn airplane mode off. This way, your message won’t turn blue and sender won’t know when the message is read.

Stop Auto Download

By default, Whatsapp saves videos and images automatically to Camera Roll on iPhone and in Photos app or Gallery of Android devices. Just go to “Settings” and “Chat Settings”. Now toggle off the button “Auto Download Incoming Media”.

Mute Group Conversations

Group conversations are really very annoying. You might not want to be the part of conversation. But you can mute notifications to avoid annoying notifications every time. All you need to open chat, and tap Menu button and Mute. Specify the period to mute the conversation temporary or you can turn it off permanently.

Figure Out Who You Talk Most

All you need to go to “Settings”, “Account” and “Storage Usage”. It will show how many messages you have sent to a particular person.

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