Secret Whatsapp Features You Should Know

Once a small startup, Whatsapp has significantly grown into the most popular social messaging app with around 1 million active users. Though you may use it daily, you might not know the cool and secret features.

Secret Whatsapp Features

Use Classic Typewriter Font

In order to change the font of your messages, use ` symbol 3 times on both sides of word. For instance, “` Hello “`. You can create this symbol with Android keyboard but it is not available on iOS keyboard. If you have an iOS device, just copy and paste “` symbol and use it on both sides of word.

Broadcast the Same Message to Several Recipients

In the top left corner of “Chats” screen, there is a feature known as “Broadcast Lists”. This way, you can send one message to several contacts without letting them know. It is much like “Bcc” button. Instead of using Facebook to invite people to the event, or asking several people if they like to play football without having to setup group chat. All you need to visit Chats – Broadcast Lists – New List and add your contacts and draft your personal message and send it to all. Their reply and the message will be shown in private chat with each user. But it will have a small megaphone icon with it. Your contacts will never know that the message was sent to everyone.

Find Out Who is Closest to You

In order to figure out who your best friends are on Whatsapp, go to Settings – Account – Storage Usage on iOS device. Here you will find a list of groups and people you text on Whatsapp apart from overall interactions you’ve had with the person. If you choose “Size” at the bottom of screen, you can find out who spent the most data on using Whatsapp.

Bold, Italics, Strikethrough

You can easily format the text in messages on Whatsapp. You have to add symbols on either side of words. If you want any word to be bold, add asterisks on both sides of sentence or word, for example, *bold*. To write any word or sentence in Italics, use underscores, e.g. _italics_. To strikethrough your message, add tildes, i.e. ~strikethrough~. You can add several symbols on either side of words to use multiple formats, e.g. _*bolditalics*_.

Check Whatsapp Data Usage and Cut Down

In order to check out how much data Whatsapp is using, just visit Settings – Data Usage – Network Usage. In Data Usage, the amount of data used by Whatsapp can be controlled when you disable the option to auto-download audio, images, documents and video when you connect your phone to Wi-Fi.  To reduce data usage for Whatsapp calls, you can choose Low Data Usage mode.

Control What Private Info to be seen by Unknown Users

If you have been added to group chat with unknown people or your Tinder conversation is moved to Whatsapp but you don’t know where it’s going, you can control what info such users may know about you. Just go to Settings – Account – Privacy and then change Profile Photo, Last Seen and Status to Contacts. This way, only your contacts can see your picture in your contacts list.

Share Documents

You can share documents from your cloud storage accounts like iCloud Drive and Google Drive in Whatsapp Chat. Go to upwards arrow to the left side of text window and then go to Share Document and choose where to share your document from, such as iCloud Drive and Google Drive.

Read Message without Letting them Know

If you want to take time to respond to a message without letting other person see the blue ticks, this secret may help you. You can read their message without letting them know. Once you get the message, instead of opening it, dismiss notifications on home screen and turn Airplane mode on. It will block mobile data and Wi-Fi and keep any new message from coming.  Read the full message. Close the app and turn Airplane mode off. Despite reading the message, it won’t display blue tick to the sender. You can also turn off read receipts totally. You have to head to Settings – Account – Privacy and turn off Read Receipts. You can also share latest Whatsapp status to look cool.

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