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Relationships are considered to be very important in daily life. Basically it all relies on the nature of our relationships whether we are good or bad to our partner. In order to improve your relationship with your partner, we have nice and heart-touching relationship status for you. We are sharing you some of the cute, best and latest relationship status for whatsapp. These are sad and broken and complicated relationships you may want to improve. You can find a lot of new relationship status quotes 2016 here. We have a lot of out of the box ideas for your specific situations in your life.

RelationshipWe have a lot of different types of relationship status for whatsapp and different people can set their status for different occasions. You can use the latest love status and Latest Relationship Quotes 2016 for different users on whatsapp. We have a lot of Best Relationship Quotes for Whatsapp & FB to make couples happy who are madly in love with one another and they are going to share healthy relationship and having great connections with one another. These are the young and amazing couples who are sharing beautiful and unique whatsapp status love in Hindi and English. You can truly express your hidden feelings with your partner with whatsapp status in Hindi.

A final “FULL STOP” is Much better than those Painful “SEMI COLONS” in a Relationship..!!

A Perfecft Relationship Is when You Fight Like A Married Couple Talk Like Best Frnd

A strong relationship starts with two brave people who are ready to sacrifice anything for one another…

Before I met you I never knew what it was like to look at someone and smile for no reason.

Best Relationship is…. When You Can Act Like Lovers And Best Friends At The Same Time.

Communication is the lifeline of any relation. when you stop communicating

Cuddling in bed and falling asleep together is probably the best feeling in a relationship!!!

Do I really love him or am I addicted to the pain of wanting something I can’t have.

Don’t be in relationship if you are going to act single

Don’t be mad because I don’t give a f*ck, be mad because I once did and you were too blind to see.

Don’t expect to find the right person if you aren’t willing to let the wrong one go.

Don’t let someone get in between your relationship. It’s based on two hearts not three.

Don’t push it hard, if its meant to be, it’ll happen.

Don’t push your relationship with a person too hard, if its meant to be then it will happen.

EGO is the only thing that needs no reason to destroy relationships… so skip the E and let it GO…!

EVERY relationship is temporary u never know when u will die or some one leaves u without a reason

Everyone’s known someone that they just can’t help but want.

Flirtationship: More than a friendship and less than a relationship.

For someone who is suppose to be “just friends” why do I always get butterflies in my stomach when you smile at me.

Hurting someone with the truth is better than killing them with a lie.

I believe that you and me, we could be so happy and free in a world of misery.

I look at him as a friend, then I realized I loved him.

I love him but I cannot show it, want him but he cannot know it, need him but I know it’ll never be, if only he needed me.

I may hate myself in the morning But I’m gonna love you tonight.

I never found the words to say, you’re the one I think about each day.

I never knew it would be this hard to lose someone I never truly had.

I play the same song, over and over cause it reminds me of you.

I sit here and wonder if you’ll ever understand just how much of me belongs to you.

I want a cute, long relationship where everyone is like “damn, they’re still together?”

I want a relationship where everyone is like: “Damn, they’re still together?”

I wish you could hear all the words I’m too afraid to say.

I wonder how many times we forgive just because we don’t want to lose someone. Even if they don’t deserve forgiveness..:))

I wonder if you think of me half as much as I think about you.

I’d rather be your lover then your friend, but I’d rather be your friend then your nobody.

If I open up to you, then you’re probably pretty damn special.

If you are in a relationship. Flirting is CHEATING.

If you want a long term relationship. Follow the simple rule Never Lie…

It is tearing me up on the inside to have these feelings for you, but I can’t get rid of them.

It’s hard not to love someone when he’s all you ever think about.

It’s just hard to think I’ll never get the chance to say you’re mine.

It’s not telling you how I feel that scares me it’s what you’ll say back.

I’ve had a few crush’s so I have a lot of these ones!

Learn to let go. If a relationship is over let it be over. No time outs and no second chances.

Lets be lovers tonight, and go back to being best friends tomorrow.

Look into my eyes for one moment, and then you will realize how much you mean to me.

My gum lasts longer than new age Facebook relationships.

Never long for anyone from the past. There is a reason why they never made it to your future.

Never Lose Yourself trying to Hold On to someone who doesn’t care about Losing You.

Never tell your friends all what goes on with your relationship. That should be between you and that person only.

No one can accuse you of falling in love with the wrong person if inside you know he is the one.

Once U Loose Someone,Its Never Exactly The Same Person Who Comes Back…

People who respond to the emoticons are the ones who care for the relationship most.

Perfect relationship is not that you never get angry, upset or irritated with each other, Its how fast you resolve and bounce back to normal

Relations are not exams so y cheat 🙁

Relationship never dies a natural death… They are murdered by ego, Attitude and ignorance..

Relationship Status: Your message was successfully sent… and ignored.

Relationships are for honest people, if you’re not honest, you don’t belong in any relationship !!!

Relationships are like a Book. It takes years to write but second to burn.

Relationships are made BY Heart NOT by force.

Relationships should have the determination on like SANDAL WOOD…which never loses its fragrance even if its broken into thousands pieces..!!

Relationships would be easier if people came with a CLEAR HISTORY button.

She loves him more then he would ever know, he love’s her more than he would ever show.

Some relationships are undefined….

Sometime you forgive people simply because you still want them in your life

Sometimes I wonder what you think of me or if you do at all.

Sometimes people decide to be just friends, even if their feeling is mutual.

Sometimes people don’t change, their priorities do and you just stop being as important.

Sometimes the one love you can’t get over is the one love you never really had.

Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.

sometimes you forgive people just for the simple fact that you still want them to be in your life.

Starting A relationship is easy but the part where everyone stumbles Is sustaining it.

That relation is the best one, in which Yesterday’s fights do not stop Today’s love.

The difference between friendship and love is how much you can hurt each other.

The hardest part is being around him knowing you can’t have him and he’ll never want you.

The man of your dreams could be standing right in front of you.

The most ironic thing of all is, I think this will be the most difficult breakup I ever go through, and we never even went out.

Three rules in a relationship… Don’t lie, don’t cheat and don’t make promised you can’t keep..

Trust is the biggest form of human relationships, it might take a life time to earn and a second to loose.

We are afraid to care to much, for fear that the other person does not care at all.

We’ll do what we gotta do, see what we gotta see, and if in the end we end up together, then we’ll know it was meant to be.

When you thought I was in love with him, you were so wrong, baby, I was loving you.

Who better to share your dreams with than the person you dream about?

You can say I don’t matter to you but I’m not the one calling every night, that’s you.

You can’t just cling on to something because it’s familiar.

You seem like a sweet person. Mind if I lick you to find out?

you start losing your valuable relation…!!!

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