How to Run 2 Whatsapp Accounts on a Single Android Device?

Whatsapp is undoubtedly one of the commonly used and most popular instant messengers on the web because it has user-friendly interface so you can use it without much confusion. Today, all of us have Whatsapp on our phones. No matter whether you want to share short status on Whatsapp or send a joke to your friend, everything is handy in Whatsapp. But whether or not you can use Whatsapp for two different numbers on same device is still a big confusion.

How to Run 2 Whatsapp Accounts on a Single Android Device?

If you use two SIM cards of different networks in your mobile device, you might want to have two different accounts for different type of people. This is where we find restriction on its usage. It is the most disturbing part of Whatsapp because you cannot use several accounts on your mobile device. Now you are wondering if there is a solution to this issue which actually works. So, we introduce you to some solutions for this problem. Now you can run two accounts in one device.

Running Android Lollipop? Use Multi-User Feature

Android Lollipop and Cyanogen OS are offering Multi-User feature so you can run two Whatsapp accounts on one device. Here are the easiest steps to get started –

  • Add Multi-User in Android Lollipop. For doing it, all you need to visit “Settings”, click on “Users” and “Add User”.
  • After creating new user, set up a new user account by providing complete information.
  • Pull the notification bar down and tap on New User icon to switch to New User
  • Once you turn into New User, you will get all-new interface that has default settings.
  • Now, you can install Whatsapp in this mode.
  • After downloading Whatsapp, enter all the info and you are all set.

Now you have set up two accounts in a single phone without installing or rooting any other Custom ROM. With the help of multi-user feature, you can get the most of two Whatsapp accounts on single device.

Using Third-Party Apps


In order to use this app, you have to root two Android devices. This Android app is designed to let you have two separate accounts on a single device. With this app, you can login and sign out of several user spaces. But you need root access to do this. Since each account with several profiles has their unique applications, settings and data, you cannot access other profile from your existing profile.

To get started, follow these easy steps –

  • Root your device
  • Be sure to have Whatsapp installed on your device
  • Install SwitchMe on your phone
  • Launch SwitchMe app. You have to allow Superuser request with it.
  • Now you have to create user profile in SwitchMe app with your name. You can create an admin account which contains all the settings and current apps. It will also showcase your Whatsapp profile which is installed on your phone already.
  • Now you can create another profile which uses different name by selecting Create Profile option in this app. Then you have to choose Switch by choosing an account.
  • Let your Smartphone to reboot automatically. Once it is ready, install your Whatsapp from Google Play again and register with different number.

Unlike multi-user feature, SwitchMe free app lets you to use only two accounts at one device. But the paid version of SwitchMe can give you access to multiple accounts.


It is an Android app which lets you use two separate accounts on your single device without having to root your phone. Follow these simple steps while using Whatsapp account on your device –

  • Take a backup of your data and restore the same.
  • Delete all the data with Settings – Apps – Whatsapp – Clear Data
  • Rename the “Whatsapp” folder on SD card to “OGWhatsapp”. You can do this task with any file manager.
  • Remove your original Whatsapp from your device
  • Now you can install OGWhatsapp in your device
  • Once it is installed, be sure to verify your old phone number which was registered already with last Whatsapp, to OGWhatsapp.
  • Now install the Whatsapp again from Google Play store to register your secondary number.

Keep in mind that OGWhatsapp is no longer available on Google Play store. So, you can install it from third party sources.

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