How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages on Android? No Hack Required


WhatsApp is the most popular media sharing and text messaging app available for different platforms. You can do more than sharing status for Whatsapp. It creates backup of chat history on everyday basis. All the messages and chats are stored in database “msgstore.db.crypt” on your Android device. It stores all the messages and chats that have been done with contacts. You can find this database in “sdcard – Whatsapp – Databases”. You can restore all your deleted messages in this social messaging app. You can restore deleted messages from this database.

Recover Deleted Whatsapp

This database is the only way you can recover all your deleted messages, videos, and images. What if this database has been accidently deleted? If this database is deleted, the chat history will be deleted. The messages can also be removed if you delete it manually or don’t take conversation backup. In case Whatsapp account is deleted due to any reason, it is sure that the chat history can also be deleted.

No worries because there is a hope to get back all your deleted conversations, text, images, videos on your Whatsapp account. We are going to share the secret tricks to get the database file back. After restoring “msgstore.db.crypt” database, all your Whatsapp messages will be restored automatically. You can try this trick on Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

Recover Recent Chats

It is relatively easy to recover almost everything which is lost within 7 days. Just remove the app and reinstall. Whatsapp creates backup of data automatically everyday at 4am. It stores this data on SD card of Android device. When the app is reinstalled, it will ask you to restore your history. Just tap “Restore” and you can restore everything which is no more than 7 days old.

To Recover Chats Older than 7 Days

It is relatively difficult to recover chats that are older than 7 days. But you still can do it with two ways – you can use third-party app or do it manually.

Recovering Whatsapp Chats Manually

Open SD card and go to Database folder. The route to get through must be – SDcard – Whatsapp – Databases. You will find various files, i.e. chat files, in Databases folder. You will find that they are saved with filenames, such as “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt”. This is where YYYY is the year, MM is month and DD is date.

First of all, you have to rename “msgstore.db.crypt”, add “Old” or something like filename. Check out these files. Most of the files must be marked with various dates. Choose the files that should be recovered. Look for a file from the date you lost everything accidently. Rename the file “msgstore.db.crypt”. Remove and reinstall your Whatsapp.

When it asks, choose “Restore” option. It will restore the chat file you renamed “msgstore.db.crypt” and you can get all your older messages. Keep in mind that your recent chat history will be lost to get back older chat file. You cannot simply merge your new texts with recovered, old messages. Your new messages can be restored easily by repeating this process. You have to replace new database file with old one.

Recovery with Third-Party Software

This method is relatively faster. You have to use free software that can read all the contents of your Whatsapp database and extract all the messages. All you have to choose the database file on your device and scan the database. The process may take several minutes according to your file size. Once the scan is done, read messages when you click the tab which is labeled ‘Registers Recovered’. When this method is a lot easier, one can extract and read old chats but cannot recover them back to Chat History.

Finding Out Deleted Video, Images and Audio

Though the videos and images are removed from your chat history, technically they are not deleted until you manually delete them. You can easily locate Whatsapp video and images from the chat history. All you need to head to “File Manager” and open “Audio, Images and Video” folder in Whatsapp folder, according to the media you want to locate. You can do it on your PC. You have to connect your device to your computer through USB cable and browse the folders.

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