How to Read Whatsapp Messages without Letting Sender Know?

Sometimes, you might read Whatsapp messages but don’t have time to reply immediately or don’t want to reply right away. But it may upset someone and make them think that you are ignoring them. In order to avoid bothering them, there are few of the basic tricks to stop two blue ticks of Whatsapp.

  • Flight or Airplane Mode keeps Whatsapp messages getting marked as read, until you connect to the web again.
  • You can go to “Whatsapp Settings” and disable “Read Receipts” to disable this feature to stop showing messages which have been read.
  • You can also pull the notification bar down or use the Whatsapp widget to read messages without letting them know.

By default, the messenger notifies both sender and the receiver in a conversation that the message has been read. Whatsapp features a tick system which shows a grey tick which means the message has been sent, two grey ticks that mean the message has been delivered, and two blue ticks to show that the message has been read by the recipient. For group chat, it cannot be turned off. For individual chats, you can easily turn read receipts off.  If you wear an activity tracker or smart watch which can read your messages, it doesn’t open messages automatically and marks them read.

Airplane Mode

If you don’t want to let your friend know that you have read their private message but still want to keep read receipts active, you can apply yet another trick which can temporarily keep the blue ticks from appearing. When you receive a message, the notification will be seen on lock screen and in the notification bar. Before opening the message, you can enable Flight or Airplane mode on your dice that will disable your mobile data and Wi-Fi connection. Whatsapp will no longer be able to connect to the server and notify the sender that you have read the message.

After reading the message, you can exit the conversation. Tap and hold on the conversation in Chats view to access different options. Choose the option “Mark as Unread” and turn your data connection on. However, you should keep in mind that this method can give inconsistent results in devices. You can turn read receipts off or consider other steps.

Disable Read Receipts

If you don’t like idea of disabling the read receipts, you can disable the option through the settings but it really works in both ways. While reading the message, if you don’t want the sender to see that you have read it, you can disable read receipts. Keep in mind that you will also not be able to see when they read your messages. To do this, just launch Whatsapp and tap 3 dots at the top right corner of screen and choose Settings and go to Account, and Privacy. In this menu, you can see “Read Receipts” option that can be disabled by un-checking the box along with it.

Whatsapp Widget

You can find an alternative method which neither disables read receipts, nor disables your mobile data. Instead, it applies just to the Android devices. You can read message with widget without letting the sender know that the message has been read. To add the widget to home screen, just tap and hold on the clear area and choose Whatsapp Widgets. Scroll down until you get Whatsapp and tap and hold on 4×2 widget. It will appear under the finger and drag it to the home screen where it should appear. This effective yet simple solution is the best choice to ignore a sender but you can still use the phone and reply to other messages without letting your recipient know that you are ignoring them. Keep in mind that you can see just the message. This widget doesn’t support videos, images and other media.

Notification Bar

You can read notification in notification bar or on your lock screen. This is the best way to read Whatsapp message without letting them know that you have read the message. Make sure not to open the full message when you can see only a part of the message. You can preview the message and be on safe side by clearing the notifications.

You can share a nice status for Whatsapp later to let the sender know that you care for them.

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