How to Click DP for Whatsapp & Facebook?

Today’s smartphones are known to capture superb quality pictures and they are easy to use, always with you, and let you to share and take pictures quickly. The best thing is that you can click photos and share it on social media like Facebook. It is also clear you are not just looking for funny status for Whatsapp. You may also want to click and upload photos for Whatsapp. Photography is a skill which needs practice, even if you are using a mid-range 8MP camera. Here are some of the useful tips to boost your photography skills.

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Know the Best Time to Use HDR Mode

Do you want to take picture in dark and bright settings at the same frame? You must use high dynamic range (HDR) mode in your Smartphone camera. This mode will balance out lighting in the photo. Shadows are not too dark and lights are not too bright. So, details are not lost. The phone takes pictures twice at various exposure levels and balances such images in single shot. Use this mode in high contrast situations like the area where camera is virtually outpacing the eye and outdoor photos around midday.

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Selective Focusing/Refocusing Pictures

Either in background or foreground, finding the right object for focusing on can make image much better, instead of just pointing the camera at scene and hoping for the best and making the image a lot better. Smartphones which allow you refocus after taking shot lets you experiment and get the best shot.  Smartphones having dual rear cameras can enable users to do it really well.


Camera Button

Another great tip is to click photos in landscape mode. You can use a dedicated camera button or volume buttons on your device to do that. This way, you can keep your hands still when clicking photos rather than shaking the phone when tapping on screen button. If your phone doesn’t come with dedicated camera button, check settings to find out if you are capable to set one of these volume buttons as shutter. A lot of third-party apps will allow you to do just that.

Quick Launch

It takes too long to launch your digital camera before taking photos. If you have locked the phone, it takes little more time. But launching the camera app can be quicker. You can work around this problem in most phones. You can quick launch the camera so you cannot miss the most precious moment. For instance, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 have the option to double tap the home button. Virtually all phones have some quick-launch shortcuts. Look for another way to launch the camera instantly to ensure that you don’t miss out any special moments.


Look around you and you may find one great photo seems to be clicked. The difficult part is composing the frame. These are few of the basic rules to do the job right. Rule of thirds is the first of them. A lot of smartphone cameras come with grid view. Once you allow it, you are likely to see that the screen features four lines which divide the frame into 9 similar parts. According to the rule of thirds, your subject must be on one of these lines, especially where they intersect. It is not the rule you always have to follow. But you will see that sticking to it to click better photos if you are a beginner.

Leading lines are other important point. You have to use lines in the pictures to become a subject. You can compose the photo of a boy on stairs in a way that the hand rails begin at any edge of the frame. The rails form lines which take you to the boy.


Photography is considered to be painting with light for a good reason. There is no photography without light. So, you should learn about using light for your benefit. The Golden hour is important for certain photos. It is the period just before sunset and after sunrise when light is perfect to capture landscape shots as midday light ruins a lot of shots. Cloudy sky or foggy conditions are also not good for photography but it is still possible to click awesome pictures.


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