8 Amazing WhatsApp features you Might Not Know

Whatsapp has become the most sought-after social messaging apps with millions of users across the world sending texts and media for free. There are lots of apps that have similar features. But Whatsapp has some amazing features to give more amazing experience to the users and you may not know all of them. We are here to discuss 8 amazing features on Whatsapp that remained secret among most users. Some are offered only on Android version when some are available on other platforms.

Change Your Whatsapp Status

You can show what you are feeling and doing by setting a cute status for Whatsapp. You can also tell why you are away from chat. You can set any genre of status for Whatsapp which is displayed next to your name when people see you in their contact lists. In the main menu of Whatsapp, go to Status option. Type in your best Whatsapp status and you are all set.

Send Your Conversation History to Anyone

You can send the whole conversation history to anyone through email on Whatsapp. Go to Menu option in Android in the conversation (on the bottom right of screen), select “More” and go to “Email Conversation” before you enter the address of recipients. Whatsapp creates an email with whole conversation, including any voice, pictures or video clips. If you are using iOS, visit “Settings” and go to “Email Chat History”.

Change Whatsapp Chat Theme

There is no need to always have the boring, grey background on the chat screen. You can go to “Wallpaper” option in chat menu and choose the stunning background in the window. You can either choose a picture on your device or use one of the delightful images in the third party apps like Whatsapp Wallpaper. Go to Wallpapers menu and choose Whatsapp option to download this app automatically. If you are running iOS, go to Settings menu, choose “Conversation Settings” and tap “Chat Wallpaper” before you choose the desired image.

Backup Your Whatsapp Conversations

If your conversations are important, it is wise to backup your conversations to avoid losing them if app has a problem. In order to go it, choose “Chat Preferences” in “Settings” menu and go to “Chat History Backup”. Whatsapp saves the copy of conversations automatically every day at 4am. So, you don’t have to worry about daily backups.

Save Photos and Videos after Receiving

The videos and images you have sent in Whatsapp chats are stored on your Android device in Whatsapp\media\Whatsapp Images folder. You can see these pictures and videos in Gallery in Android and share them on other social networks like Facebook apply as contact pictures and do more. Whatsapp pictures are downloaded on Photos app in iOS. You can check out all the files sent by you and received by going to Media button in chat menu.

Send Whatsapp Messages with Enter Key

Do you remember how frequently you write several lines of text in single chat message? It is sure you may not do too often. Actually, the Enter key is not of much use on your phone. But Whatsapp has an option to use “Enter Key” on Android keyboard to send your written text rather than pressing Send button on Whatsapp. In order to enable this option, you should Settings menu and then tap on “Chat Preferences” and check the box named “Enter is Send”. Whatsapp for iOS lacks in this option.

Create Shortcuts to Conversations

If you can’t live without Whatsapp, you may have done with opening the app every now and then, when it comes to talk to someone. In Android devices, you can create your shortcuts to conversations appearing on your home screen so you don’t have to open the app all the time to start conversation. All you have to tap the icon with your contact name. To create shortcut, go to “More” in chat menu and select “Add Conversation Shortcut” option.

Broadcast a Message to Several Contacts

If you want to get a message out quickly to several users at a time, you can “Broadcast” a message on Whatsapp. It is the easiest way to convey your message to dozens of people at the same time. To do this, choose “Broadcast Message” in “More” menu and choose contacts to send your message. Now type message and send it.

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