6 Whatsapp Privacy Features That Are Missing but Most Wanted by Users


Today, Whatsapp looks more appealing with the whole new material design but privacy on this social app is still a matter of concern.

Whatsapp is on Android, on Windows Phone, iOS and Blackberry and now enjoys around 600 million of users’ base worldwide. Since it is owned by Facebook, should you be concerned about privacy?

Earlier this year, a survey was conducted on using Whatsapp. Around 60% of the users voted for it and this app has become more popular. Its Android and iOS versions have got rave reviews. Since it joins hands with Facebook, there are some doubts whether private info of users remains as personal as before.

6 Whatsapp Privacy FeaturesBasically, Whatsapp collects info provided by the users, such as your push name and phone number, along with billing address if user has been using it for more than a year. Your address book is occasionally sifted through to update the contacts list. They don’t provide any of these details to third party. This app is ad-free since its launch.

This is the reason why Whatsapp is a must-have app for Smartphone users. After getting owned by Facebook, this free app has got several new changes, particularly on Android. Now Whatsapp looks more amazing and beautiful. Whatsapp has got revolutionary updates like Whatsapp calling and blue ticks. However, privacy is still a matter of concern. When it’s getting mainstream with whopping 1 billion downloads, developers need to look forward to make things little more private for a user.

Here are the most desired Whatsapp privacy features they should consider –

Built-in App Lock

By considering the fact that a lot of personal data is shared on this app, it’s time for developers to launch an in-built app lock feature or 4-digit sign-in procedure. Today, we have to use third-party locking apps which are revolving around the web. None of them are trusted yet. Even a torch light app asks for accessing your gallery, contacts list and other private data. So, it’s not safe to use a third-party app to provide permission to our private info.

Busy Mode

Sometimes, Whatsapp can be annoying, especially when you are busy at work and want people to call you rather than sending texts again and again on Whatsapp. It also annoys you with notifications for group texts. So, users have to keep their mobile data turned off and mute their phone to avoid irritating notifications. So, it would be great if they introduce a ‘Busy Mode’ with which you can get rid of chat notifications for a while. With the help of busty mode, the availability status of the users would show “Busy”. It means, all the chats and notifications shall be visible only when a user turns the Bust mode off. In this mode, the app will not notify you if any new message is shown. Instead it can be saved in the background.

Friend Request

After Whatsapp is owned by Facebook, the developers should consider providing “Friend Request” feature on Whatsapp. Though Whatsapp allows you to block an unknown or annoying person, it seems little rude.  As far as the matter of adding people is concerned, Whatsapp should take a little inspiration from LinkedIn. People who don’t relate to the friends’ list can easily send at least 3 messages initially. A sender can more messages once receiver sends reply and adds to the contacts list.

Invisible Mode

You may have found invisible mode on virtually every chatting app? It would be great when we see it on Whatsapp. But the platform may not want to add this feature as they want to make users to be available forever. But Whatsapp may consider launching an invisible mode with a timer and may add a little change. This feature might be helpful when you are engaged with one or two people and having serious discussions. When you are invisible, you will no longer be seen “online” in contacts list.

“Text Only” Mode

We want several contacts to send us text messages and nothing else – no memes, no videos and no more photos. By turning this feature on, you can only receive texts from select contacts.

Recall Messages

You might sometimes send wrong message to someone mistakenly. It would be great if you could unsend message within 10 to 15 seconds of sending it and take your words back.

If you love someone, you don’t want to send wrong words to them. Instead you should send love status for Whatsapp.

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