5 WhatsApp Alternatives for Your Smartphone

WhatsApp is known to be one of the most popular and most used instant messaging apps for Indians. No need to say, Whatsapp has some really cool and amazing features. It is said to be the king of other social messaging apps on the web. It is so popular that most people share their thoughts with love Whatsapp status and funny status for Whatsapp. Facebook bought Whatsapp just recently and added some of the major features. But there is a problem here. It is not free.

Whatsapp was absolutely free in the past. Today, you have to pay $0.99 as annual subscription after using it for one year for free. You can download Whatsapp for free from Play Store. On the first year, it is free. But after one year, you have to pay $0.99 per year. But the best part is that Whatsapp now supports video calling feature.

Though paying $0.99 is no big deal for users. But why pay when you can use other similar apps which are available for free forever? This is when we have started looking for free alternatives of Whatsapp.

When you visit the Play Store, you can find hundreds of social messaging apps like Whatsapp that are available for free. Here are the best Whatsapp alternatives that are handpicked for you. You can enjoy a lot of features in these alternatives that you could do on Whatsapp. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the awesome list here and choose the best app you like.

1. Viber

Viber is much identical to Whatsapp as it identifies users by using your mobile contacts. It sends you an access code through text message to access your address book so you can check out if anyone in your contacts is using Viber. Then you can connect with them instantly. Viber comes with voice calling feature and uses your mobile data for it. You can connect with anyone in the world. It has the users’ base of over 400 million. You can make HD video and voice calls, text and send video and photo across the world over 3G or Wi-Fi for free.


You can use Viber Out to call even non-Viber landline and mobile numbers at low call rates. It is available on almost all platforms. It is optimized for all Android tablets. You can use your phone number as ID. Your mobile contact list is instantly synced with the app and it detects your Viber contacts automatically.

2. Line

For Line users, sky is the limit. You can send messages and call as much as you desire. Line is the whole new communication app with which you can make voice calls for free and send messages for free wherever you are and at any time. Line has been the No. 1 and most downloaded messaging app in 52 nations, such as China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Russia, Mexico, Macau, and United Arab Emirates.


3. Facebook Messenger

It goes without saying that Facebook Messenger needs no introduction. If you have Smartphone, it is sure that this app has been installed on it. You can do a lot with this app. It supports video call, voice call and several other functions. You can install other apps as add-ons for it. For example, you can download Doddle to send sketches to your friends. It is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can easily connect with your friends and it is a great alternative to Whatsapp. But you cannot connect with friends who are not using Facebook.

Facebook Messenger

4. Hike

It comes with really cool stickers to add spice to your conversations. It is designed by considering the needs of Indians. Some of the cool features are Hidden Mode, Regional Stickers (express your thoughts in your language), Chat Themes, free Hike2SMS in India, Hike Offline, 128-bit SSL Encryption etc.


5. WeChat

When WeChat was officially launched, it had instantly gone viral. You can connect with your friends using video and voice calls and free text. Some of the amazing features are Group Chat, Free Video and Voice calls, Multimedia Messaging etc. You can also play games with your friends together.


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